Connect in Grand Rapids!

Here's a quick and comprehensive post about ways you can connect with and support refugees in the Grand Rapids area. Maybe you'd like to know retail shops, restaurants, or other local businesses that donate a portion of their profits to aid refugees. Or perhaps you're interested in providing material support such as clothes or furniture, linguistic support … Continue reading Connect in Grand Rapids!


EO in GR

Walking into my internship at Samaritas the Tuesday after the EO was signed was an experience of mixed emotions. The atmosphere was heavy and my conversations with staff members included tears, confusion, and frustration. In this post, I will attempt to describe the local effects of President Trump's Executive Order regarding immigration and refugees. The … Continue reading EO in GR

Samaritas’ First 24 Hours

So we've already discussed the process of registering at a UN refugee camp, being referred for third country resettlement, the refugee vetting process for admission into the U.S., the outsourcing of refugee resettlement services to nine major NGOs (VOLAGs), and the subsequent arrival of refugees to the over 350 local affiliates nationwide. Now, pause a … Continue reading Samaritas’ First 24 Hours

Resettlement in U.S. (Past & Pending)

Let's elaborate on what happens when a refugee chooses option #3, resettlement in a third "host" country (see last post for details). Since I am considering the process and policy of resettlement within the United States, and specifically in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the following information does not apply globally. Later in this research project, however, … Continue reading Resettlement in U.S. (Past & Pending)