District Focus: KPS

Kentwood Public Schools The general enrollment process for both GRPS and KPS is similar, however there are a few differences. As a reminder, I will be using the acronyms 'NS' for Neighborhood School and 'CC' for Cultural Center. A Neighborhood School refers to the school that is in closest geographic proximity to a refugee students' … Continue reading District Focus: KPS


District Focus: GRPS

Grand Rapids Public Schools and Kentwood Public Schools are the 1st and 3rd largest districts in the greater Grand Rapids area, therefore the two serve a huge number of the community's school-age population, including refugees. Let's look at what the enrollment process looks like in more detail for GRPS and how the staff at the … Continue reading District Focus: GRPS

School Enrollment: A Brief Overview

I'll now be shifting my research focus from refugee resettlement to refugee students' integration into K-12 educational institutions, looking specifically at the practices of Grand Rapids agencies and organizations. Here's just a very brief overview of the process, whereas in my next post I will cover more specifics on enrollment into two major districts in … Continue reading School Enrollment: A Brief Overview