Teacher Interviews

So far my research has been focused on the policy and process of refugee resettlement and integration into various educational institutions in the Grand Rapids area. Now, however, I think it is important to hear the voices of the folks who take it from there: the teachers. In the interest of respecting teachers’ personal information and all affiliations, interviewees will remain anonymous. I will be referring to interviewees as “Teacher A,” “Teacher B,” etc. and the names of particular students, schools, and districts will, of course, be left out. The aim of these conversations is to get a more wholesome picture of the experiences, both good and bad, of teachers who have refugee students in their classes, with the intention of using this information to better equip teachers, better serve students, and subsequently, better the lives of refugee families in our community.

Read my next post, “Teacher A,” to hear about the experiences of one Grand Rapids teacher, whose passionate desire to help refugee students has been a driving force towards innovation in a low-resource environment.


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